"Drop per drop, dollar per dollar, and microgram of silver per microgram of silver, the Opti-Silver chemistry is at least a few hundred times more efficient for delivering bioavailable silver ions to the body than any other form of silver I’ve seen. The technology is ingenious and unprecedented."  
  — Donald Baird, Ph.D.; former chemistry professor, Nova Southeastern University;
former director of the Department of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University

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   •  What's the significance of a higher or lower ppm?

   •  Why is there no particle size with Silver 100??

   •  How does Silver 100? Ionic Silver Complex differ from "colloidal" silver?

   •  Is Silver 100? the same as other products that are called "ionic silver"?

   •  What about beneficial bacteria?

What's the significance of a higher or lower ppm?

Ppm means "parts per millions" and is a measure of the silver concentration in the water.

It really has very little meaning in selecting a silver product, even though some manufacturers unfortunately make a big deal about it in order to try to sell their product, relying on the fact that the average user doesn't understand what it even means.

Some colloidal silver manufacturers state that a low concentration level of colloidal silver "is best", or "works best". Some even go as far as to say it's safer.

There really is no "ppm" that is "best." Lower ppm is not safer and higher ppm is not more effective. The only thing ppm refers to is how much water comes along for the ride, period. The body doesn't really care what ppm the silver comes in, only the total that is consumed and and how it's delivered and released. For instance, whether you take ten 50-milligram tablets of vitamin C or one 500-milligram tablet makes no difference to the body; it's still a total of 500 milligrams of vitamin C.

To learn more, go to www.silversafety.com and see "Is a higher PPM more effective, or less safe? Is a lower PPM safer, or less effective?"

Why is there no particle size with Silver 100??

Silver 100? is in a unique category as compared with any colloidal silver product. The Opti-Silver? molecule contains two silver ions married to one citrate. Those silver ions are not "particles" at all and are actually the smallest units of silver than can exist. Because Opti-Silver? is soluble in water, no clustering takes place, as does with colloidal silver. The term "colloidal" simply means it's not soluble in water, which is not at all conducive to performance since the blood is mostly made up of water. Because colloidal silver is not water soluble, it causes clusters, and those clusters are the "particles."

Although claims are often made by colloidal silver manufacturers about particle size together with fancy pictures, those invariably come from the "back room" of the company making the product and not from any respected independent analytical laboratories.

Silver 100? with Opti-Silver? is designed to efficiently deliver individual silver ions, which are the smallest units of silver in existence, and which are far too small for any microscope in existence to see. However, that's not the main factor that makes it a far superior technology! What makes it so far superior is the fact that it's specifically designed to deliver those ions to the body in a highly efficient manner, carrying them and then releasing them into the body efficiently. The molecular structures and equilibrium constant is what really matters – and that's where Opti-Silver? blows all other silver products away.

How does Silver 100? Ionic Silver Complex differ from "colloidal" silver?

Silver 100? can be used the same way as colloidal silver. Both are intended to deliver silver ions to the body. However, Silver 100? is designed to achieve this delivery in a far more efficient manner, and to provide far superior consistency.

Colloidal silver can provide a decent delivery system of silver ions, but it's very inefficient. Only a small portion of the silver in colloidal silver is ionic and only a small portion of that is released in the body.

Opti-Silver? is designed to be far more efficient and to deliver virtually all of its silver to the body as ions.

Colloidal silver is typically produced through a rather crude, hundred-year-old process known as electrolysis. The electrolysis process used to make colloidal silver involves placing two metal rods, at least one of which is made out of silver, into a vat of water and then conducting electricity across the two rods through the water. Tiny pieces of the silver rod break off into the water. These pieces of silver hanging in colloidal suspension in the water are largely made up of inert, atomic silver, but have some silver ions spread through them.

Silver 100? with Opti-Silver? consists of silver ions complexed through a deliberate fashion with a specific form of citrate in order to temporarily "plug up" the missing electron positions on the silver ions. Potassium is added for solubility and for stability while in the bottle and during ingestion. The formula is designed so that the silver ions will remain "married" to the citrate virtually indefinitely while in the bottle. It is designed to efficiently deliver the silver ions into the system and then gradually release them once exposed to the body's chemistry and in the system.

The ingredients in Silver 100? are all common constituents of our diet. It contains only silver, citrate, potassium and pure water. The ingredients are all dissolved in solution in the water. No electrolysis is used in the manufacturing process. Silver 100? is virtually clear in color, with a very slight silver tint, which is the color you would expect to get with a 100-ppm silver formula that has not undergone oxidation.

The production method through which Silver 100? is made completely lends itself to pharmaceutical grade standards in the manufacturing process, enabling the product to be entirely consistent from batch to batch, bottle to bottle and drop to drop, and enabling it to be extremely pure.

Is Silver 100? the same as other products that are called "ionic silver"?

Silver 100? is unique in how it does what it does. As far as we know, it was the first product in the field to be called "ionic silver". Technically, it is accurate to call a colloidal silver product "ionic" since colloidal silver usually contains some silver ions. There are products on the market that contain silver ions with virtually no delivery mechanism at all. While those products can also technically be called "ionic silver" products, there is a world of difference between Silver 100? with Opti-Silver? and those products. Other "ionic silver" is not even remotely the same.

It's one thing to call a product "ionic silver" and quite another to have the efficient delivery mechanism that Silver 100? with patented Opti-Silver? provides. There's a reason it took over a million dollars in development and was granted such powerful patent protection. It provides far superior performance!

What about beneficial bacteria?

There are no reliable studies to indicate whether the use of any silver product has a significant impact on the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and intestines (contrary to what some companies claim). We have no reason to expect that Silver 100? will have an adverse affect on the beneficial bacteria in the system, but we prefer to err on the side of prudence and, since it's often advisable to supplement with a probiotic regardless of whether using a silver product or not, we recommend supplementing with a probiotic when using any silver product on a regular basis or when using a silver product abundantly on a short-term basis.

We believe an enteric-coated probiotic may be more practical since you can take it the same time you take the silver product without being concerned the silver will kill the good bacteria in the probiotic while it's being digested. Also, you may want to increase the amount of the probiotic you take from the label suggestions, depending on the amount of silver you're using.






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"The patented Opti-Silver complex is far more advanced for achieving the desired results than anything else I've seen or anything that I can even imagine. It provides for optimal efficacy."

— Roger Roger Leblanc, PhD, former director of the Departments of Chemistry and Advanced Microscopy,
University of Miami


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